About Pag

The island of Pag is a very long, over 60 km and very narrow – from 2 to 9.5 km. Coastal length is 270 km, which makes Pag one of the most indented island in Croatia. Its surface is 286.6 km2 and is known as one of the sunniest islands in the Adriatic, with over 2500 hours of sunshine annually. The average annual temperature is 15 degrees Celsius.

Each, even a small bay slopes gently toward the sea and has a sandy beach with fine, almost crystal sand.

There are huge differences between the eastern and western parts of the island. The eastern part, facing the mainland, is an unintended, steep, rugged looks, tall and decorated with numerous reefs while the western part is much lower, greener and more pleasant.
Characteristics and interesting facts of the island of Pag are many springs of drinking water, and there are numerous submarine springs. Water generally comes to the island under the sea floor from the slopes of Velebit.
There are three freshwater swamp lakes on the island: Velo , Malo Blato and Kolansko Blato (Big Mud, Small Mud and Kolan Mud) . Although the climate of the island belongs with the Mediterranean, closeness to the Velebit influence the vegetation – eastern part of the island is, due to severe gale strikes and strong salty wind, barren, but despite this the island kept its native evergreen.

The beach Zrće, world-wide known for its musical festivals (10 minutes by car from our facilities)

The Lun olive groves (the oldest in Europe)

The Pag cheese (Paški sir) – awarded the prize for the best sheep’s milk cheese in the world

– The Pag lamb – The lambs of the island of Pag eat a diet of sage, rosemary and lavender and, as a result, the taste is mild and flavorful.

The Pag lace – is a type of lacework from Pag on the island of Pag, requires a needle, thread and backing which is a round or square hard stuffed pillow.

The Pag triangle – is a land formation in the shape of an isosceles triangle located near Novalja, a small town on the Croatian island Pag.

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